A Note to Our Customers:

We are currently awaiting licenses for edible manufacturing in California. Unfortunately, we are not taking orders at this time. We look forward to getting you BaKed again soon!

To comply with new edible regulations, BaKed will be phasing out some of our edibles and introducing new and exciting options in their place. Stay tuned!

Our Story

Family-owned and operated, we started making cannabis-infused edibles in 2009. Back then, our products consisted of traditional cannabis cookies and brownies all handcrafted in our quaint kitchen located in the heart of LA.

Cannabis confections

Soon, patient after patient started requesting hard candies and lollipops from their local medical marijuana dispensaries. We tinkered with various candy recipes until we came up with the most excellent cannabis-infused lollipops and lozenges on the marijuana market.

From there, we hit the road with our deliciously-medicated sweet treats and steadily formed relationships with new and established collectives who were looking for tasty, potent and consistently-dosed edibles to add to their menu. As a result, we expanded our kitchen and product selection to accommodate more orders and patients. But, we continue to make everything by hand using only top-shelf ingredients for premium flavor and potency.

Today, BaKed is one of Southern California's most endearing brands. We love sharing our cannabis confections and providing patients with a delicious, safe and soul-satisfying experience.



Our Approach

We start with the best ingredients. For us, that means top-quality flower sourced from local southern California growers. Next, our expert extractors use a CO2 extraction method to make premium cannabis oil in its purest form. Our mastery of formula yields consistent flavor and potency every time.

Once we have the cannabis oil, it's time to start baking. All of our edibles are handcrafted using our signature recipes. We started in 2008 and have perfected the art of crafting delicious THC treats that taste as good as they feel to eat, but we'll let you be the judge of that.

Lab Testing

We provide patients with the best products not just because they taste good. We regularly test our edibles with BudGenius to ensure that patients always get safe, clean and consistent dosages of THC in every bite. BudGenius analyzes cannabis goods for potency, cannabinoid profiles, pesticides, additives and residual solvents. Our customers know BaKed is a brand they can always trust for delicious, consistent and clean highs without any weird additives.

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