Our cannabis-infused confections are a delicious, discreet and easy to eat. Check the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions to ensure you always get the best experience.

Why take edibles?

Cannabis-infused edibles are an easy and discreet way to medicate. They provide consumers with a safe and smoke-free option for enjoying the many benefits of cannabis.

Edibles are potent and deliver a body-focused high that's different from smoking and perfect for people who suffer from pain, sleep disorders, stress and lack of appetite.

How do edibles work?

Eating an edible works differently than smoking cannabis. When you smoke marijuana, the effects are felt almost instantly.

With edibles, your body has to first digest and metabolize the THC before you feel anything. Once metabolized, your live converts the THC to 11-hydroxy-THC, an active metabolite very effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier which results in a more intense high. This is why edibles are known for having potent and long-lasting effects.

How much should I take?

Ah, the age old question. Think of eating edibles sort of like drinking alcohol. It's best to start with a small dose of 5 or 10 mg THC. This amount effects everyone differently, just like one glass of wine.

Remember, it takes a little bit of time for those feel-good effects to kick in. We recommend taking a small dose and waiting at least an hour before you decide to take more. If you do, make sure it's another small dose. Just like anything else, it's better to ease your way into it rather than consuming a large dose at once and risk feeling too lethargic or another undesirable effect.

How do you take them?

For the best results and maximum potency, we recommend taking our edibles on an empty stomach. If you're someone who likes eating dessert before your meal, this is your chance. When taken on an empty stomach the effects will be MORE intense and experienced FASTER than when taken after a meal.

However, if you're new to edibles, you might want to consider taking them after you've eaten something for a lighter experience. Our edibles will work on any occasion, but you'll most likely notice a difference in their intensity if you take them after eating a big meal versus before.

How long until I feel something?

The amount of time it takes to feel the effects of one of our cannabis-infused products, like all marijuana edibles, depends on your metabolism.

If you have an average to fast metabolism, you should start feeling the effects about 35 minutes to up to an hour after you've consumed your edible. People with slower metabolisms may not feel the effects for up to two hours or more after consuming an edible.

What are the effects?

Deep relaxation, euphoria and intense cerebral and body highs are some of the uplifting effects you can experience from consuming cannabis edibles. The effects vary by person and the amount consumed.

Since edibles offer a a more intense feeling than smoking marijuana, we recommend taking them when you have time to relax and enjoy the moment. If you have a busy day of running errands or a big outing, it might not be the best time to take an edible if you're an inexperienced user.

How long do the effects of edibles last?

The effects of eating edible can last for several hours after you consume them. The duration depends on how much you've taken, your tolerance levels and metabolism. It's sort of like alcohol. We recommend starting small.

What makes our edibles so potent?

We use premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil sourced from top Southern Californian growers. Our recipes used to include our own handmade cannabis butter. However, our patients found that products made with cannabis oil had a less weedy and more desirable taste. We listened, and now all our products are handcrafted with pure cannabis oil.

Still want to know more?

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